What is intenSati?

A practice for your body, heart and mind.

"Inten" derives from "intention", and "Sati" is a Pali word which means mindfulness.

IntenSati is an exhilarating workout that builds physical, mental, and spiritual muscle. Courage, confidence, willpower, enthusiasm, self-respect, and a strong, healthy body are all results of this powerful practice.

And YES - it is also tremendously fun!

IntenSati is about bettering both the quality of your inner dialogue and of your physical training. Calling up your power of concentration will improve your health, strength, weight, and most importantly: YOUR LIFE. It is absolute!

IntenSati combines high-energy, total-body training with powerful, positive statements that you either think or speak. The goal of this practice is to enable a seamless and total integration of body and mind, allowing you to be and experience all you deeply want. You will learn to tap into the power of the present moment in order to embody –rather than just think or talk about - your BOLDEST, MOST EMPOWERED, BEST SELF.

A better way of life.

IntenSati will improve how you think and speak about yourself right NOW, a powerful change will follow.

IntenSati moves are simple.

They are a combination of exercises from aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, and dance.

IntenSati is the practice of remembering that if you want to live a life you love in a body you love, you must start loving it now!

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